Hermannsburg School


Our various environmental endeavours have been brought together under one umbrella this year – our new Enviro-Club encompasses the Eco-Schools initiative, which upholds our ‘green flag’ status, the Enviroquiz Team and the Nature Club (‘Naturkunde und Wandern’). The response from our scholars to this revitalised drive for environmental awareness and action has been overwhelming! On Saturday last week, 61 scholars from Grade 3 to Grade 12 visited the Beachwood Reserve mangrove forest on the Umgeni River. There they learnt about the three different mangroves – black, red and white – and all the different crabs that live and thrive on mangrove leaves; they even saw some mudskippers. All the scholars then pitched in to do a beach clean-up, picking up lots of rubbish. A big thank you goes to all the Honorary Rangers at the Beachwood Reserve who hosted us and shared their knowledge. It was a very successful learning day with lots of great experiences.

In academic news, we are proud of Mitchelle Chitsa and Carolina Hoffmann, who were awarded certificates of distinction and of high achievement respectively for their performances in the annual ACER International Bench-marking Tests at Grade 9 level. We look forward to seeing their progress continue!

Hermannsburg’s Enviro-Club members took time out to collect rubbish on the beaches after visiting the mangroves at the Beachwood Reserve this past weekend.
Hermannsburg’s Enviro-Club members spent time over the weekend to learn about mangroves at the Beachwood Reserve.