Hermannsburg School


Our Christian Values

The Hermannsburg school was founded by Christian Lutheran Missionaries over 160 years ago, and as such, we have always had strong Christian values that underpin all that we do at our school.

From starting each day with a devotion in our serene chapel, to offering grade-relevant religious education classes, to professional pastoral counselling, we impart our values wherever we can.

This is not limited to specific events but forms the foundation of our school philosophy and intention.

The Christian values that we hold most dear are these:

Glorifying God in all we do – In all our interactions, we strive to show gratitude to God and treat each other with respect, honesty and compassion, modelling how Jesus Christ interacted with those around him.
Pursuing personal well-being – We believe that we are created in the image of God, therefore we are all, each and every one of us at Hermannsburg, valued and loved. We are called on to value and love not just each other, but ourselves as well. This is done, amongst others, by working toward our personal well-being through youth group meetings, class discussions and other spiritual offerings, linking up with the Positive Education policy to which Hermannsburg School subscribes.
Pursuing excellence in everything we do – We strive to answer the call of God to work at whatever we do, with all our heart, as if working for God and not for worldly masters. This means that whatever we do, we strive to ask God to bless and guide our activities and to strengthen us to be the best we can be, fully relying on God, as we do not always have the strength to do so ourselves.
Being a servant to others – This brings together the above Christian values by putting into action what we believe; we glorify God, enhance our personal well-being and pursue excellence, first and foremost by serving one another. This is done through kindness, gentleness and compassion when we interact with one another and get involved in social outreach programmes linked to our school.
Forgiving other people as God forgives us – As we realise that we are all sinful by nature and sometimes fail to live up to the above values, we are fully dependent on the forgiveness we receive from God. We understand that striving toward the peace we all desire in our lives, we can only do so if we forgive each other unconditionally as God forgives us.

God is at the centre of who we are and how we live our lives at Hermannsburg School, and we look to him to guide us on the values that we should not only live and learn by, but in how we love one another in our daily interactions.