Hermannsburg School

A new Year, new groups, new toys and new adventures – after six long weeks of holiday the first school week in the Hermannsburg Kindergarten is already over! Because of Covid-19, we still have to observe all the necessary safety precautions BUT we are so happy to be back. We can see our friends and teachers, talk to each other, play and learn with each other. Last week we spoke about our school and the rules in the Kindergarten and tried out new toys. The scholars are motivated, eager to learn and there is a great sense of community in the groups. 

We are looking forward to an exciting and fulfilling school year!

Photo: Hermannsburg’s Khloe Ndlovu, Jemma Scott, Vihaan Rughunanan, Leah Goldstone, Zoe Ndlovu and Ndalwenhle Radebe enjoyed their first week back in the Little Oaks Kindergarten.