Hermannsburg School


Scholar Support

The Primary School offers a ‘Booster Class’ on two afternoons in the week to all our scholars, for subjects in which teachers or scholars feel they need extra help. Teachers are available to help and support scholars where needed. Scholars can also request extra help or lessons from the teachers if they feel that they need them, and teachers can assign scholars to take part in Booster Classes.

The High School also offers extra lessons in English and Mathematics four days a week, as well as in other subjects as per arrangement with the relevant subject teachers. We also make use of an online mathematics learning programme called ‘Mathletics’. Scholars can access this programme at school, in our computer room, or can work online at home.

The staff can monitor the scholars’ progress at all times, and we have an award system in place to recognise our scholars’ achievements.

We try and keep Primary School homework to a minimum, and provide supervised homework lessons for our scholars on a daily basis. For our Primary School Boarders, we offer a homework lesson after school, where a teacher helps and guides them when necessary. If the homework is not completed in this hour, they have another homework session with the boarding parents in the evenings.

Our High school boarders have two or three evening prep sessions where they can study, and they are allowed to seek assistance from peers or staff during that time.

The school has a remedial teacher, who contracts directly with parents but works in parallel with the school. She focuses on early intervention for children with literacy gaps and dyslexia. She takes Pre-school and Junior Primary scholars, where gaps or learning challenges have been identified by the teachers during lesson time, and she works with them at school.

We recognise that everyone learns and grows in different ways, at different times, and at different speeds.