Hermannsburg School


Extra-Murals At Hermannsburg

Whether it is on the sporting field, through music, or in clubs and societies that your heart beats faster – we’ll help you find your passion at Hermannsburg. We recognise that encouraging social, cultural and physical development is key to unlocking creative excellence and problem-solving skills. We share your passion.

Positive Education 

As part of our Positive Education philosophy we recognise extra-murals as an important way of maintaining physical, mental and emotional vitality, and essential elements of engagement, meaning and achievement for many of our scholars.


Sport is a healthy outlet for all the energy that young people possess, and is necessary for the proper development of young children. It provides an opportunity for each person to learn teamwork and how to interact with others in a less formal environment than the academic classroom.


Cultural activities expose children to a tiny proportion of the great diversity of experiences that the modern world offers. Music is a powerful medium of communication between people, and an ability to play a musical instrument or the opportunity to sing as part of a group will stand any scholar in good stead.

Clubs and Societies 

Club and societies activities allow the scholars the freedom to participate in group activities and pursue individual interests, while interacting in a more adult manner with each other within the context of maintaining an organisation with all the inherent learning opportunities that provides.

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