Hermannsburg School


Watering A Seed For Growth

We pride ourselves on giving our young scholars an opportunity to find and develop their interests in fun group-learning environments. With small classes and a focus on bringing out the best in ourselves and others, our Primary School is the perfect place for your children to start their adventure.

Grades 1 – 7

At Hermannsburg, children can complete their formal schooling from Grade 1 to Grade 12 without the disruption of changing schools. The small classes, lifelong friendships and commitment to personal growth help create a unique learning experience.

From Grade 1 to Grade 7, our scholars are taught the discipline required to achieve consistently strong academic results. Emphasis is laid on the basic foundations of learning – the ability to read and write, interpret and manipulate information and numeracy skills. A highly-competent teaching staff educate the children in English, with isiZulu as the first additional language and German as the second additional language, using the excellent facilities available at the school.


Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s Primary School career. Children’s learning involves a partnership between staff and parents. Parents are also asked to involve themselves in the school’s cultural activities, contributing by cooking and baking for functions, helping at functions and participating in social events and fundraising activities.


It is our belief that children learn best in an environment where they feel comfortable and secure.

We provide both structured and non-structured experiences within our school day.

Be it in the classroom, online, on the sports field or around the campus, our teachers emphasise ‘connection over content’, to ensure that our scholars are in the best frame of mind to fulfil their potential.


At our Primary School, we believe that the key to personal growth involves; exploring and discovering, problem solving, making decisions and choices, being creative and using one’s imagination, experiencing situations that have meaning, working cooperatively with others, including teachers and other adults, developing fine and gross motor-skills and learning independence and self-care skills.

In our Primary School, we use the CAPS curriculum as laid down by the Department of Basic Education as a guideline only, extending and broadening the learning and life-skills of our scholars to a much greater extent as a result.


Our Aftercare provides a safe environment for children from Grade RRRR to Grade 7 whose parents cannot, or prefer not to, collect them immediately after regular school hours.

Children are supervised by a teacher at the Aftercare facility from 13:40 – 17:00.

Aftercare closes at 17:00 punctually. Please note that there is NO Aftercare on mid-term breaks and holidays.

Parents will be billed at the end of each month for the amount of days the scholar stayed at the Hermannsburg Aftercare.


Class Trips: Grade 1 – 6 

These grades go away for 2 nights and 3 days every year for a compulsory class camp. Teachers arrange these trips, and destinations aren’t too far away. Activities are arranged and teachers join our scholars for these trips.

Grade 7 Tour: Compulsory

Our Grade 7 scholars and their class teacher go on an amazing 7-10 day tour to explore parts of our beautiful country. Where possible, the Principal accompanies our scholars on this tour.



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