Hermannsburg School

We congratulate our scholars of the Class of 2020 and their parents on their fine achievements in the 2020 IEB matric examinations − their resilience, perseverance and hard work saw them through despite a trying year. Once again all our scholars matriculated, 16 with bachelor degree and 2 with diploma level passes. Dux of our school Paul Tönsing achieved 9 distinctions, including Advanced  Programme Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, English Home Language and a remarkable 100% for German Second Additional Language. Distinctions were also achieved by Jarmin Claassen (3), Philip Lütge (3), Jemma Hayward (2), Naseeha Mahomed (2), Sven Meyer (2) and Kirsten Rabe (2), and a number of others who each achieved a distinction in a subject. We thank all our scholars’ parents for their support and encouragement, and all the teachers who taught them through the years, helping them towards achieving this goal.

Congratulations go to Hermannsburg’s Dux and Head Boy of 2020, who achieved 9 distinctions in the IEB NSC, and to Jarmin Claassen and Philip Lütge, who each achieved 3 distinctions, among the many who achieved subject distinctions.