Hermannsburg School

Hermannsburg’s Enviroclub members spent the weekend at Nyalazi Camp, near Hluhluwe/Umfolozi. Their guide, Nunu, who also owns the camp, taught them more about conservation and chameleons, and guided them through part of the Umfolozi Nature Reserve. It was a fantastic way to end the year, learning more about nature, the animals and the history of the area. Our scholars gave Nunu some Pepperbark trees to plant at his camp, and went on to help him with this task. Various activities are already planned for 2022, and our Enviroclub members look forward to continuing their journey through nature and its many wonders.

Hermannsburg’s Enviroclub spent the weekend at Nyalazi Camp and travelled into the Umfolozi Nature Reserve with their guide, Nunu.

 Hermannsburg Enviroclub members Mischa Chetty, Neve Reed and Snakhokonke Msomi handing over Pepperbark trees to Nunu, owner and guide at the Nyalazi Camp near Hluhluwe.