Hermannsburg School

Hermannsburg’s Enviro Club visited the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve on Saturday, 18 September. The scholars were divided into 3 groups, each of which took a different hiking route in the beautiful valley.

There were many plants and birds to identify, although the animals were scarce. Fortunately, some zebra, warthogs and wildebeest were spotted. Thank you to the Nature Reserve staff, and especially Emile for the ice-cream after the long and tiring, but beautiful and enjoyable, hike. The group also stopped off to take a look at the magnificent Howick Falls. All in all, it was a lovely day in the fresh air where we learnt, walked and had fun.

Hermannsburg’s Enviro Club visted the Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve where they hiked across the reserve to find and observe plants, birds and animals. Thanks go to the staff of the Reserve for their capable guidance.