Hermannsburg School

On Friday, 17 September, our Hermannsburg golfers participated in the inaugural Penrose Golf Academy Championship at St Cathryn’s Golf Estate. The Penrose Golf Academy, founded by Mr Zola Mkumla and driven by professional golfers and coaches Mr Marc Alexander and Mr Ryan Kimber, has coached many of our Hermannsburg scholars since the beginning of 2020. The aim of the Academy is to teach young people “patience, honour, integrity; the foundations of golf, fundamentals of life.”

Our thanks go to Mr Mkumla and the coaches for facilitating this tremendous learning opportunity. Our congratulations go to the top achievers in the Championship: Keabetswe Madikgetla (the very first recipient of the Championship’s floating trophy), Benjamin Rabe (2nd), Muhammed Hoosen (3rd), Neo Madikgetla (4th) and Lentswe Madikgetla (5th). Well done to all those who participated, and whose golfing skills have grown in leaps and bounds over the past 18 months.

Hermannsburg’s Academy golfers on the course at St Cathryn’s Golf Estate at the Penrose Golf Academy’s inaugural Championship tournament on Friday, 17 September 2021.


 Hermannsburg’s Keabetswe Madikgetla was the very first recipient of the Penrose Golf Academy championship floating trophy, and was congratulated by coaches Ryan Kimber and Marc Alexander.