Hermannsburg School
Hermannsburg’s Kindergarten and Primary School recently enjoyed a visit from the Umvoti Fire and Rescue team to learn about their important job. Besides sitting in the fire truck looking at all the gleaming levers and dials, and spraying water with the fire hose, there was a lot of really interesting information that we took away with us. Seeing a fireman in a real fire suit was very helpful for our little scholars to visualise what firemen look like ‘all dressed up’. With the suit, helmet, mask, tools, and gloves it can be scary and intimidating for young children, so the more exposure they have to firemen and what they look like, the less likely it is that they will be fearful, should they ever have to meet one during a rescue.

We also practised the ‘stop, drop & roll’ procedure during fires; most scholars under the age of five have never practised this lifesaving technique if one should ever find oneself on fire. A big thank you goes out to all the firefighters – they were very helpful and taught us how to help young scholars to prepare and to practice in case of a house fire.





Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks in Grade RR pose with SS Masuko, F Sithole and TN Majola from the Umvoti Fire and Rescue team, and students from Rural Metro led by Mr Hlope, during the recent visit and demonstration in Hermannsburg.