Hermannsburg School

A good road safety education for our scholars requires the involvement of parents, teachers and other adults in our community. So we invited the Greytown Traffic Department to visit to our school. During the visit, scholars had the opportunity to chat to traffic officers S. N. Sokhabase and L. P. Gwala about their jobs, and enjoyed being able to see first-hand their patrol vehicle and the equipment they use every day. Our scholars also learned how to cross a road safely and what traffic signals mean. All the scholars were able to ask questions, many about the role of a traffic officer, and how one can become a traffic officer.  We are very grateful to officers Sokhabase and Gwala for the time they spent with us, and the important message that the police officers are your helpers. A special thanks to officer D. Mchunu for organising the visit.

Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks learned about the role of traffic officers and road safety with the help of S. N. Sokhabase and L. P. Gwala of the Greytown RTI, who brought their patrol vehicle and equipment to show the scholars.