Hermannsburg School

Coding at Hermannsburg – Introducing kids to computational thinking.

Our role as educators is to equip our scholars with skills and knowledge they will need when they go into the working world of tomorrow. For teachers, that means thinking ahead and teaching them new concepts that will help them in their future professions.  From the start of the second term, children as young as four in our Grade RR and Grade R classes, started to learn programming skills in our Little Oaks Kindergarten classroom. Coding is a new addition to the breadth and depth of our offering, and teaches our scholars computational thinking. This is a skill they can learn in order to break down big problems into smaller ones, and then create their own solutions to the challenges that are revealed. Our scholars have to use logical thinking, prediction, sequencing, repetition and a range of other mathematical concepts. They are enjoying learning these skills while programming a little Robot called ‘Cubetto’, so that ‘he’ can complete his important missions!

Hermannsburg’s Little Oaks, Yobe Mabuyakhulu, Zanengcebo Ngobese, Zwelabantu Sekwaila and Zanokuhle Luthuli are enjoying using their new coding skills with ‘Cubetto’ the robot, who moves around the map at their (coded) commands.