Hermannsburg School

My two children both attended HMB from RRRR to R. Going to school was never a struggle and they always came home happy. The fresh farm air, outdoor activities, walks to the dam and many other excursions are educational, fun and very enriching. The benefit of being out on the farm and in nature cannot be exaggerated. Their education is wholesome and holistic. My kids are loved and cared for in a protected environment. Under the leadership of Mrs Malzahn (who has a wealth of experience and expertise), the staff get the best out of my kids, without any pressure to “perform”. The atmosphere is relaxed and learning is fun. My kids regularly surprise me at home with things that they have learnt. The music lessons, included in their education, stimulate their development immensely (the benefit of learning music is scientifically proven). Thank you HMB for the love and effort you have and continue to put into my children’s education!

Riette Gevers – Mother of Stefan Gevers in Grade R